Torching semiconductors for fun and profit

DIY: Destroy what destroys you*

Whether it be for cost, professional development, or just the sheer joy of building something with your own two hands DIY is a pastime for many folks. This section will provide all the resources we've accumulated at Det3 since our beginning in the early 90's. By far, our most popular is the Master Synthesizer Book List, but there's more to us than a virtual card catalog. In the future we'll be adding new bits like My First Parts Kit, which is a shopping list for the first time you stock your DIY bunker as well as how to do SMT assembly (both manual and semi-automated). We've also got some good custom test rigs that we're going to put up that can measure audio quality and do simple things like frequency response and rudimentary distortion analysis. So, keep checking back for new developments!

*Special thanks goes to KMFDM for allowing us to shamelessly copy this lyric from their song D.I.Y., which appeared on their album ADIOS. Hau ruck!

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