Torching semiconductors for fun and profit

Is that some VHDL or are you just happy to clock me?

I started filling out the research section, starting with the VHDL masthead and a teaser for the Code Snippets that I'll be including soon. There's a lot more going on than I can mention right now, but take a peek and feel free to drop me a line if you have any suggestions.

Next up: more DIY bits

I've been getting my lab set up again to work with some really cool folks in the near future, and found my component cupboards bare of most needed supplies. I'm building a shopping list to restock from zero, and thought it would be a good resource for everyone else that starts out. The general idea is this: I want to hack together a circuit, but I don't have a schematic and just want to tinker. What do I need to start mucking about on a breadboard? So, this will be next. Check out the DIY Resources section for these bits. I'm also moving and updating the Synthesizer Book list this week as well.

D3 Labs: more than a splashscreen!

When Det3 first went online back in 2001, I had a directive to create a section dedicated to all the eggheaded bits myself and other collaborators of Det3 were grinding away at, but not in a position to devote our complete energy to and release as a product or project. After six years of intent, the Detachment 3 Laboratories have finally progressed beyond splashscreen status to archive all the bits that cross our minds, as well as resources for any DIY enthusiast who has access to a browser and a soldering iron.

This was spurred by the creation of my master synthesizer book and paper list last week. It really doesn't fit on my personal home page, nor does it fit on the main D3 web site. So, it's going on here with all the other bits that are in purgatory, waiting to descend to my personal page or ascend to corporate status.

Latest Propaganda:

Nothing to report yet. We'll have some hot items as soon as our eggheads stop working and start publishing!

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